There are three levels of living. 1. Working for somebody else (slave) 2. Business owner (hard work + worry) 3. Investor (easy life).
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Holy Grail Trading Managed Account - Join the 5% making money from trading!

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Trading Conditions Changed in August - New Powerful System giving 30%+ a month net to investors!

The Way The Rich Spend Their Money

    The poor and middle class spend their money on trinkets, clothes and toys. Every month, their income is spent on basically useless things in a vain effort to make themselves happy. They accumulate things...

   The rich spend their money on ASSETS or INVESTMENTS that produce an income. They accumulate wealth...


 Update Coming New Managed account From Monday 18th September due to changed conditions!

  In the over 20 years I've been a trader, I have often been asked if I do managed Forex accounts but never wanted to because trading to me is freedom - and being obliged to trade my best every day is not freedom! Recently, I developed my own trading software which is extremely successful. I can take on managed accounts with almost no extra work. I just run my account only  and clients can piggyback on my profits. I used to trade well over $150,000 with four brokers and have learnt the hard way that it's best to trade the daily charts for high profits with limited loss.

    Research will show that most Managed Accounts lose money and most have very high drawdowns. Our new, safer portfolio trades six instruments to spread the risks and only makes a few trades when conditions are ideal - steady, safe gains for the long term.

Back testing confirms over 50% a month during the last 12 months for the method being used.

     The problem with the Forex Time managed account is that it cannot be run close to the limit because clients' money is actually traded in the account and any withdrawals reduce the capital available. Plus an 80% stop loss is an added restriction. However, it is a very easy method for clients to use. So, I have decided to introduce a low risk managed account that can withstand these problems! In the past, we have always run into problems with FXTM but now we should be able to run very long term under te changed conditions. With a realistic target 30% a month (net to investors), we have a large safety margin and this can be seen as a very low risk, long term investment to approximately double your money in three months or provide a good, safe monthly income. Please don't compound you money for long periods as the capital becomes huge in a short time - better to withdraw monthly!

Note that Forex Time do not accept US clients - see the US and Non EU Clients' page.

   You first need any euro account with Forex Time below (basic ECN Account is best) and then click on 'For Investors' inside your Back Office. Choose 'FXTM PAMM Program for Investors'. This stands for Portfolio Asset Management Mechanism and means that the same percentage change on my account is reflected on yours. When your application is approved (fill out the questionnaire as a high risk investor and set a 80% stop loss), make a deposit and then you MUST send a email to to invest in Holy Grail Trading! 100 minimum, 20% management fee on your monthly profits only. This method does not require you to use a trading account at all.

 Holy Grail Trading

Direct link above.

Started on 25th July and new system on the 18th Septmeber so too new to show meaningful results yet.

You must send a email to asking to invest in Holy Grail Trading!

Forex Time are EU & UK regulated and allow several deposit/withdrawal methods including Skrill. Excellent customer service and has instant withdrawal for Skrill. Forex Time do not accept clients from the US and some Canadian states.

I highly recommend using to deposit and withdraw money. Get a verified account and their MasterCard.



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100% of your income tax goes to pay the interest on government debt on money created out of thin air (good scam, eh?).

Here a 12 year old explains how it works in Canada but it is the same in every country.


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All trading is risky and you should not invest more than you can afford to lose. Unexpected events can happen!

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