New, Upgraded Third Party Service for 2018, US Clients Accepted
Choices: 1. Working for somebody else (slave) 2. Business owner (hard work + worry) 3. Investor (easy life).

The poor and middle class spend their money on trinkets, clothes and toys. Every month, their income is spent on basically useless things in a vain effort to make themselves happy.

They accumulate things...

The rich spend their money on ASSETS or INVESTMENTS that produce an income.

They accumulate wealth...

The Best Managed Forex Accounts by Far - 20%+ a Month using a Regulated Broker!

    Since the summer of 2017, trading has been very difficult and most traders have been losing money. Personally, I've been finding it hard to return more than 15% a month and have been struggling with my own managed accounts! Trading for me is about freedom and lack of stress so I've decided to close my account and concentrate on promoting a couple of well-proven, but little known, third party managed Forex accounts.

     Most managed accounts require large deposits and make very little profit (and most actually lose money) but I know a few that accept smaller deposits from just $10.00. In 2017, NVR turned $1,500 into over $16,000 by compounding the interest but this not really recommended as I always feel it is better to withdraw regularly and pocket your money rather than risk everything for a huge gain. We are waiting for them to update their payment system.

    NVR FX is a more traditional managed account and has been paying since it went public in 2016. Currently, we are waiting for them to update their deposit/withdrawal system and only bitcoin is available until they do...

FX2 Managed Account

Next Generation Managed Account! Accepts Payeer and Skrill.

     Given the unreliability of almost all managed accounts (which are often no better than HYIPs) I have decided to create a new type of managed account together with Paul Harper, based on my experience of HYIPs - which have some very good and clever points. The main problem with managed accounts is that they pay very little (around 10% a month) which means it's a long time before you break even and then you have to hope they survive long enough to get your capital back at the end.

Apologies for the dead link. Now fixed!

Please use the link above to sign up.

NVR FX Managed Account

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and bitcoin minimum $1000.00, running reliably since 2016.

     NRV use Alpari and IC brokers and actual trades are available to view. With two plans available, the lower risk Fund 1000 and the higher paying medium risk Fund 1500 both bring in regular profits with a 30% management fee (at the low end of professional managed accounts).

       Since this is a real managed account with a proven track record, you should be confident to invest large sums of money and the fact that PayPal is the main payment/withdrawal method (and card payments via PayPal) proves it is genuine. below is the track record for 2017 for both funds and it can be seen that the Fund 1500 is much better. Realistic, steady profits and far better than the average trader with no stress!

   Fund 1000: Total gain: +155.65% Average monthly gain: 10.29% Maximum drawdown: 8.20% Total trades: 664

   Fund 1500: Total gain: +475.18% Average monthly gain: 22.34% Maximum drawdown: 30.55% Total trades: 1,292


Note: NVR have just discontinued PayPal and will be using Skrill and other better forms of payment!

    "John, we are aware of the problems around deposit methods. Recently, we closed PayPal deposits since it is definitely not the best way for deposit/withdrawal. Actually, for the first year we did not want to make our program widely available, thus we did not put big efforts on the way of payments but on the trading strategies. Soon we will implement some more preferred payment methods (Skrill, Payeer, Webmoney). I will let you know when it is done."

Fund1500 for best returns averaged over 30% a month during 2017.

Simply deposit and withdraw regularly or compound for huge returns.

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I've decided to get back into High Return Investing (this made me a LOT of money several years ago).

This website is run by Paul Harper who I know and trust - highly recommended! Invest from $10.00

Quit the rat race and be happy!


100% of your income tax goes to pay the interest on government debt on money created out of thin air (good scam, eh?).

Here a 12 year old explains how it works in Canada but it is the same in every country.


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All trading is risky and you should not invest more than you can afford to lose. Unexpected events can happen!

The Best Managed Forex Account